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Explore our IoT Solutions 4.0, seamlessly integrating the power of the Internet of Things with Industry 4.0 advancements. Elevate your operations with real-time data insights and unparalleled connectivity for a smarter, more efficient future.
Electrosan, a pioneering force in the realm of Industrial IoT solutions since its inception, proudly delivers an extensive array of cutting-edge services. Renowned for its innovative and secure IIoT consulting and implementation, Electrosan caters to diverse industries such as manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, construction, and agriculture. Leveraging a wealth of experience , Electrosan offers robust and seamless IIoT solutions for asset tracking, machine monitoring, predictive maintenance, and more. Clients benefit from the company’s expertise in crafting Smart Factory solutions, precise asset tracking, efficient inventory management, and comprehensive equipment monitoring. With a commitment to excellence, Electrosan combines AI-driven insights, real-time data analytics, and proactive maintenance strategies to elevate operational efficiency and ensure the success of its clients across various industrial sectors.

Industrial IoT Services and Solutions Overview

Smart Factory Solutions

  • Equipment monitoring and optimization.
  • Tracking utility consumption (electricity, water, gas).
  • Facility effectiveness analysis and bottleneck detection.
  • AI-based recommendations for enhanced output and maintenance scheduling.
  • Planning equipment modernization and disposal based on data analysis.

Asset Tracking

  • Location and movement tracking with geofencing.
  • Alerts for missing assets and upcoming maintenance.
  • Sensor-based environment monitoring.
  • Analysis for optimized asset scheduling and performance planning.

Inventory Management

  • Planning, monitoring, and automated replenishment triggers.
  • Safety stock calculation and lot/serial number tracking.
  • Expiration date and shelf life monitoring.

Machine Monitoring

  • Real-time tracking and visualized floor plans.
  • Customizable reports on machine availability and performance.
  • Predicting breakdowns and warranty repair tracking.

Equipment Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring and documentation storage.
  • Scheduling, booking, and audit trail of equipment activities.
  • Automated notifications for identified defects and maintenance scheduling.

Equipment Management

  • Equipment profiles and data monitoring.
  • Inspection and maintenance scheduling.
  • Work order creation, tracking, and role-based reports.
  • Forecasting failures and planning replacements based on criticality.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Tracking

  • Monitoring production data and identifying bottlenecks.
  • OEE and TEEP calculation with maintenance scheduling.
  • Spare parts inventory tracking and performance trending.

Condition Monitoring

  • Tracking machinery condition data and calibration.
  • Customizable reports and dashboards.
  • AI-based maintenance recommendations and frequency optimization.

Predictive Maintenance

  • Remote monitoring via sensors and AI-based analysis.
  • Predicting breakdowns and time to failure due to various factors.

Supply Chain Management

  • AI-based visibility into operations.
  • Delivery tracking, demand forecasting, and optimization recommendations.
  • Monitoring product condition during transportation.
  • Supplier pre-qualification and ongoing compliance checks.

Industrial IoT Services


  • Analyzing industrial needs and IoT solution prototyping.
  • Feasibility analysis, ROI calculation, and implementation roadmap.
  • Planning integration with other software, QA activities, and data security.

Custom Solution Development

  • Specification creation and solution modeling.
  • Development, testing, and configuration of IIoT devices.
  • Ongoing support for IIoT solutions.

Hardware Consulting and Implementation

  • Selection of suitable IIoT devices (sensors, RFID tags, GPS).
  • Configuration and setup of IIoT hardware.


  • Functional, performance, integration, and security testing.
  • Ensuring consistent performance, joint functioning, and data integrity.

Maintenance and Support

  • Proactive defect diagnosis and fixing.
  • Cloud resource consumption monitoring and optimization.
  • Administration, security updates, and user management for IIoT solutions.

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