Database Management Solution

Data Secure and Seamless Operations

Our Database Management Solution offers a comprehensive, automated approach


Why We Need Database Management Solutions

Old Installation at factory does not focus on consumption of Data in Database

No unique Solution as OEM has given Their Preferred Solutions.

Database Backup Option given but Restore & Report Retrieval Solution not available

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation, database management stands as a critical pillar for seamless operations. At ElectroSan Technologies, we understand the challenges faced by industries, especially in the context of machine upgradation, unique OEM preferences, and futuristic problem-solving. We have developed a robust Database Management Solution tailored to address these specific concerns while ensuring efficiency, security, and minimal downtime.

Focus on Machine Upgradation

Our solution focuses solely on machine upgradation, ensuring that your existing systems are optimized for peak performance without disruptions.

Unique Solutions Despite OEM Preferences

We provide unique database management solutions, even when OEMs recommend their preferred options, ensuring tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements.

Forward-Thinking Approach

ElectroSan Technologies anticipates future challenges, offering solutions that go beyond immediate concerns, ensuring your systems are prepared for evolving industrial demands.

Database Connection options


Seamless Database Synchronization

Our solution enables synchronization of local databases with the server, ensuring real-time data updates without manual intervention.

Automation of Manual Processes

Manual processes related to database backup and retrieval are automated, reducing the risk of human errors and ensuring accuracy.

Enhanced Security and Encryption

ElectroSan employs the latest encryption protocols, including TLS 1.3, SSH2, and HTTPS tunneling, securing your sensitive data during transmission over public networks.

Streamlined Backup, Restore, and Reporting

• Efficient backup processes save time and resources, enabling smooth restoration of data when needed.
• Our reporting application provides insights derived from the backup database, aiding informed decision-making.

Minimized Downtime and Risk

• Our solution drastically reduces downtime associated with machine upgrades, ensuring uninterrupted processes.
• Lengthy and risky procedures for data restore and report retrieval are eliminated, enhancing overall system reliability.

Our Innovative Approach

Our Database Management Solution offers a comprehensive approach

Effortless Backup

Users can effortlessly backup data from each machine, ensuring data integrity and security.

Centralized Storage

ElectroSan provides secure server/PC locations for storing backups, ensuring centralized and organized data management.

Seamless Retrieval

Our software facilitates hassle-free retrieval of backups, seamlessly integrating them into running applications without disrupting ongoing processes.

Intelligent Reporting

ElectroSan's reporting application generates insightful backup reports, offering valuable analytics derived from backup databases.

Flexible Database Management

After the process is complete, databases can be safely removed from SQL Server, enabling users to work on multiple machines or manage various backups efficiently.

User-Friendly Operation

Our application simplifies the entire process, eliminating the need for users to navigate complex SQL Server Management Studio interfaces.

ElectroSan Technologies ensures your industrial operations remain agile, secure, and future-ready. Experience the power of efficient database management, and let your business thrive without disruptions. Partner with ElectroSan for a streamlined, secure, and automated approach to database management.

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